Collection: Diaper Bags

Are you looking for a stylish diaper bag? Whether you want a tote or backpack, Layla's Curve has a custom diaper bag for you!

What can fit in your diaper bag?
Diapers and wipes are obvious must-haves

Changing Pad. Keep your baby comfy and contained during diaper changes on a changing pad. Most diaper bags include a changing pad.

Hand Sanitizer. You might not always have access to soap and water, so make sure you pack hand sanitizer in your diaper bag.

Extra Outfit. Accidents and spills happen, so make sure you have a change of clothes for your little one in your diaper bag. From bodysuits to socks, Macy’s has you covered with the cutest baby clothes.

Pacifiers. How do you calm a fussy baby? Make sure you have pacifiers in your diaper bag. If you keep losing them, check out pacifier clips.

Baby Blanket. Swaddle your little one in a baby blanket. You’ll especially need extra ones in colder weather.

Stuffed Toys. Get your baby ready for naptimes on the go with plush stuffed animals. Some of them can even sing nursery rhymes—how cute? Make sure the stuffed toys are free of choking hazards.